Being Civil and Social Responsibility Posted on 19 Mar 08:54 , 0 comments

In Scripture
Jesus protected a woman who was caught in adultry

Did that mean Jesus was pro adultry


Jesus was bringing justice and mercy to this woman showing respect and civility

Social Responsiblity Posted on 19 Mar 08:52 , 0 comments

The other day I was chatting with The Lord
Thinking what if the CEO of Amazon
Told NYC
He was looking for a place where abortion was outlawed
Do you know how fast abortion would be ended

CourtRooms of Heaven ...Social Responsibity and Pulpits Posted on 19 Mar 08:49 , 0 comments

I have been in The Court Rooms Of Heaven asking God to forgive Pulpits for not being socially responsible as mandated in Scripture
Also asking The King of kings and Lord Of lords
To magnify those pulpits that are being socially responsible
Innocent blood is being shed with our tax money
And we pray but also we need to vote for those who want to end this

Pulpits and Social Responsibilty Posted on 19 Mar 08:47 , 0 comments

I was talking to The Lord Jesus and Our Heavenly Father about the biggest thing on some Pulpits minds
Fighting the Easter Bunny
Seriously spoke to The Lord Jesus about our educational system in this country
Thanking HIM for the strong leadership HE raising up to bring social responsibility back to HIS people