Where are all the Intercessory Prayer Groups Posted on 2 Jul 05:54 , 0 comments

I have moved to a new location and have been visiting churches to find a church home, a good fit.

I am unable to find any that has a Kingdom minded Intercessory prayer group that speaks to the seven mountains of Influence and Culture:

Father in Heaven,

We ask that YOU would take the blinders off us and our society this day and see what You would have us see. We ask for YOUR SPIRIT OF TRUTH TO COME UPON US.

Business: Father in Heaven we ask that You raise up Your Business Men and Women

Government: Raise up and help us recognize what You are doing and through whom, help us to vote them and those positions that are appointed that we vote the person in to  appoint them.

Media: Lord of Glory and Lord and Giver of Life we ask for YOUR Spirit of Truth to fall and be accepted on our news media this day and Lord there are a lot of good things happening and we would like to hear about those things more

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