There is a very swift move of God coming Posted on 9 Jul 05:08 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

Thank You for those Pastors and Intercessors You rose up in Baltimore who in the middle of the riot were interceding on their knees, blessings to that little boy who was bringing water to the police officers, the man who kept saying over and over to the rioters, "Do not give them a reason"...THESE, LORD ARE OUR TRUE HEROS AND HEROINES.....

We speak and say Your blessings on them

Asking for YOUR JUSTICE and YOUR PEACE to be manifested

Lord of Glory,

You love this country

Thank You for raising up Your intercessors, Ecclesias this day to stand in the gap in repentance and Your cleansing by the Blood of the Lamb


We speak and say blessings on the Intercessors, the Prophets, Apostles, Ecclesias that You have raised up in the hour to bring in Your Glory, Your Presence, Your Power and YOUR Peace into the situation. The cloud of the enemy will be lifted and Your justice will reign

Lord, we need to take You to the streets and stop confining You this day. It is time we stop with our opinions and hear from heaven, directly.

Lord this Sunday it is my hope all stops and intercession for our country is lifted up crying out for YOUR justice and YOUR peace and in true repentance, which is a blessing and seek YOUR Face.


Thank You for all who are engaging and bringing in YOUR kindgdom and Your Glory this day and we thank You.

Lord You know what city is going to be next and that Your intercessors and Ecclesias will put a stop to it, stop it in its tracks...thank You Lord for those who circle their cities, their regions this day asking for YOUR peace, and to open hearts and minds to You to see what You are doing this day

We already know what the enemy is doing open our eyes to see what Your are doing

Thank You Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, Lord an Giver of Life