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Intercession for March 28, 2015 Posted on 28 Mar 17:12 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven

We are so thankful for the clients YOU have brought to us this day..wow what and exciting day ..to pray and see the salvation and breakthrough of YOU our God....and we are so thankful for the opportunity that YOU have afforded us this day for marriages to be healed, businesses to grow and prosper, and those who needed to be encouraged we are so thankful for the opportunity

Friday March 27, 2015 Posted on 27 Mar 14:50 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven we are thankful for this opportunity this day to praise and worship through the difficulty and we ask that we speak blessing and life, thank YOU, Holy Spirit for YOUR peace as some operating systems are down and we are unable to complete some work that was planned but we move on into what we can do as we wait on YOU, until the operating systems are working again, and we are thankful to YOU that we do not have to be frustrated but, have YOUR peace that passes all understanding, and Father I speak and say blessings who chose to give bad customer service this day, I ask that YOU would help them be quality people, and give good customer service and I am releasing that situation to YOU this day and ask that YOU bless me this day, with all the time and finances I have spent to find out this was not a quality organization or business, and I am thankful for those quality people YOU have brought into our lives, for those I speak and say blessings and for those who have to come up higher in areas to be quality people they need YOUR help and ask that they would seek YOU and that YOU would aid them and we thank YOU this day Lord Jesus that by YOU we can go to the Father and we thank YOU Holy Spirit for speaking to hearts, minds and lives this day to see YOU.....Love YOU Jesus, Holy Spirit, Father God and we are thankful for YOUR great love and wrap us in YOUR liquid love this day and show the enemy Whose we are

Good Monday Morning March 23, 2015 Posted on 23 Mar 07:40 , 0 comments

Father In Jesus Name through and with YOU, HOLY SPIRIT, we are so thankful and appreciate the men and women who plow the snow and salt the roads, it snowed last night and I am so thankful that these folks keep our roads clear of snow and salt, I am thankful the the value and appreciation that I have been shown in what I do and I am thankful for YOU bringing me those who, through YOUR grace and mercy and able to help in time of need and rejoice with them when all is well and we are so thankful to YOU Father in Heaven, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit for YOUR continual leading and guiding and for the funds that are needed to pay for this site and to help others in their time of distress and to give out of the overflow in all areas of our hearts, minds, and lives this day and we are thankful that YOU enable us to be and do what YOU have called us ....that we ARE utilizing our God given gifts and talents .....

Afternoon Intercession for Friday March 20, 2015 Posted on 20 Mar 07:22 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

We are so thankful for this first day of Spring and the hope we have in our hearts as the promise of NEW LIFE is blooming on this earth and the hope and promise we have in YOU, Lord Jesus and we are so thankful for this opportunity to serve YOU by serving others with the gifts and talents YOU have given us ...some in the arts, some in business, some as students, and those whom YOU have called to help through intercession...all are valuable all are God Given gifts and talents that are to be utilized to Glorify YOU and to encourage and uplift ...and we are thankful Lord of Glory