Prayer for Churches/Reformation/Revival Posted on 14 Sep 11:19 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

We come into Your gates with thanksgiving and into Your Courts with Praise. Being thankful to You this day


We thank You for Your gift of repentance this day and we thank You for Your remission of sin, especially in our attitudes and in our thoughts. We thank You for Psalm 51:10 ...Create in us a clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within us ...

We lift up those who have come to Your throne of grace and have received Christ Jesus Our Lord into our hearts

We thank You for Your discipleship and the desire to please You this day. That we come together in Your presence this day and we thank You for Your Great Love and Mercy and for the gift of repentance and agreeing with You and Your Word

Holy Spirit, we thank You this day for leading us into all truth ....

We thank You for Your authority this day ....on earth as it is in heaven

Love and Appreciate you all