Online Churches ...Thank You, Lord Jesus Posted on 13 Oct 10:47 , 0 comments

i am ever so thankful for the gathering online ....Wednesday and Sundays...

So thankful for this Joshua Generation

The typical Brick and Mortar Service ....Sing three songs or more, take the offering, announcements, someone gives their opinion on what The Lord is saying ..

I am so ever thankful for those BRICK AND MORTAR Churches that actually wait on Holy Spirit and welcome Holy Spirit to lead the service ....where everyone participates ....folks actually are healed, and God brings the right people together tomaid and enable each other to bring forth God’s Goodness ...YES LORD JESUS 

Yes Church services are to be done decently and in order but not stifling and squelching Holy Spirt and not welcoming our Lord Jesus ....

Oh so looking forward for more Brick and Mortar Churches that wait and allow HOLY SPIRIT to lead where people actually get thier needs met, built up and launched into God’s good plan to bring Him Glory and for our benefit 

Love and Appreciate You all