Justice for Those Who Lost Thier Lives in Benghazi and Justice for Those Who Served in Viet Nam and for Our Military Personel Posted on 10 Jul 06:52 , 0 comments

Lord of Glory and Lord and Giver of Life

Please forgive Your Church for not engaging the enemy as we should and for not voicing and addressing the injustice that just happened concerning what just happened. Forgive us for voicing our opinion and Not seeking and asking YOU what You think for in Your Word it states "We have the mind of Christ" forgive us for not speaking what You speak. This day deliver us from our own opinion and seek what You say.


We are thankful for Your revealed plan in this for the blood of these brave men are crying out to You this day.

And for all the injustice done to those who served in Viet Nam and to all our men and women in the armed forces.

This day we thank You for raising up Your brave men and women who will bring YOUR justice. We speak and say blessings on them and those responsible will be met with Your Swift Justice with the hope of repentance.

You ARE A MIRACLE WORKING GOD, we ask that those affected including police officers that are affected by any injustice that YOU would make them whole. We thank You for raising up those to aid and enable healing and wholeness.

Father in Heaven,

We come against those who would seek to destroy our Great Country, and thank You for raising up those, You have chosen, Holy Spirit we ask that You would open our eyes so we can see WHAT YOU ARE DOING and receive You thoughts and Your opinions this day in Jesus Name the Name that is above all names