Intercession for Those Who Need Jobs Posted on 23 Jun 06:40 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

We thank You this day for Your Word and in the Book of Daniel, You caused Daniel to have an excellent spirit to be a blessing to the king, his boss at that time along with Joseph who was a blessing to the king.

This day we speak and say blessings on employers, and we speak Your blessing on business this day that they would grow and prosper this day and that we would be a blessing to our employers.

We ask for Your Holy Ease this day as we go forth in the power of Your might to bring Your Kingdom to the workplace by having and excellent spirit this day and for Your favour.

That You Holy Spirit with flow through us at the workplace and we, through You will do excellent work and speak and say blessings on our co workers and our bosses this day and we thank You this day Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus, Heavenly Father