Intercession for the Protesters Posted on 10 Jul 06:29 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

We lift up the protesters that are going from city to city.


As You know that in this country PEACEFUL protesting is part of our right and our culture and something we should love and embrace. This particular group wants justice and an awareness.


These snipers, shut them down

Those who are causing harm and hurt to families

Shut them down

Peaceful protest and not riots, spreading awareness and not hate

Crying out for justice and awareness


We shut down the plans of the enemy to declare Martial Law in our country... a country that we love

We speak and say blessings to the the peaceful protesters and the police officers and citizens who are promoting peace and awareness

But to those who are traveling to incite violence and rioting

Shut them down Lord. We ask that You send Your Holy Angels Forth in the Power of Your Might In Jesus Name the Name that is above all names.

Thank You Father, Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus, Heavenly Hosts sing Hallelujah