Father this day we speak to those foolish people who are not going to vote Posted on 10 Jul 07:44 , 0 comments

Lord of Glory and Lord and Giver of Life,

This day Holy Spirit we ask that You speak to those directly and open their eyes to see WHOM YOU HAVE CHOSEN AT THIS TIME to vote for in November

That whole panel are so many gifted and talented leaders, but many of them YOU have other areas for them to concentrate on

I am so thankful for James Robinson who addressed this issue at the SOUTHWEST BELIEVER'S CONVENTION ...so eloquently and with Your fervor. This is an amazing person who can cover so much THROUGHLY ...Blessing to Kenneth Copeland Ministries who hosted this event also ....l

Thank You Lord for raising up YOUR MIGHTY MEN AND WOMEN OF GOD

Thank You Sweet Jesus

Heavenly Father

Holy Spirit