Father in Heaven, What happened to all the Intercessory Prayer Groups in Churches Thank God for The Ones on Facebook Posted on 10 Jul 07:24 , 0 comments


You have given a model of what an Intercessory Prayer Group Should look like

and mature leader who directs the Intercessors, Prophets, Apostles, Ecclesias,

You do things decently and in order, not controlling and stifling.

That the seven mountains of influence are addressed

Business...speak and say blessings on those who create jobs

Government...help us to vote in those YOU HAVE CHOSEN, OUR OPINION DOES NOT COUNT HERE..We ask that YOU would open our eyes to see WHOM YOU HAVE CHOSEN AND VOTE...speak and say blessings, encourage and RESPECTFULLY DISAGREE with those ...raise up prayer walks around our Nations capital, and local and county governments....and help us to strengthen and encourage those WHOM YOU HAVE CHOSEN...

Media...You spirit of Truth needs to come onto our Media and we thank YOU for raising up Your people to take these jobs and take over Media, and we speak and say blessings on those who have....the enemy has had it long enough

Arts & Entertainment



Your Churches

Along with all the personal needs and requests

Raise them up in Your churches Lord...

Thank You Sweet Jesus thank You for loving us so much ....