Faith Decrees over Northwest, Indiana Posted on 16 Oct 05:46 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven by Jesus Christ our Lord, in His Authority 

We ask Your forgiveness for all the ungodly and uniformed judgements we speak over this region and any other negative ungodly words we speak 

We ask Your forgiveness for speaking negatively and bashing other Denominations 

Thank You this day for raising up Your Ecclesia, Your true Ecclesia in this area 

We thank You for releasing Your Holy Angels, Your Erelim to fight for us this day 

Your Seraphim this day 

Your Kashmelian this day 

and all Heavenly Hosts 

Forgive us by the words of our mouths for hindering Your work in and through us this day 

We ask for Your release of that hinders is this day 

We ask that You renew our hearts and minds and for a new level of love and appreciation for  You and others 

Father, forgive us for not seeking You before voting, raise up those You have chosen for political office 

Forgive us for not honouring You in our schools and for rewriting history ...for we are to honour and respect You and those who have built up this area spiritually and in the practical areas 

Father, I am ever so thankful for those wonder women and men of faith and we speak forth 

Your glory bombs and release Your Holy Angels this day to go forth 

‘We ask forgiveness for always knowing what the enemy of our soul is doing we ask this day You open our eyes to see what You are doing and speak that, speak life and do what You called us to be and do 

Thank You this day for Your great love that never fails fades our nor comes to an end 

Father in Heaven we are asking for a creative miracle, new kidney’s be released this day 

On earth as it is in Heaven