Elected Officials Posted on 29 Sep 13:14 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

We lift up our elected officials this day

Lord we ask You to bring them to repenatance for not honouring and valueing us THE TAXPAYERS


We speak and say blessings and give great honour and respect to those elected officials who realize those funds and tax money is not theirs but ours and are diligent about being good stewards and that is for AMERICANS FIRST

To those who have done foolishly and wickedly in office we ask for Your forgiveness for them and that they will not be elected again if they do not change their ways of giving due honour and respect to American Citizenry first.

Lord of Glory and Lord and Giver of Life

We thank You for putting those whom You have chosen and those voter's to vote them in so we may have peace in this land

We give honour and due respect to business men and women who are doing what You have called them to do to make a good product or provide a good service and provide good jobs.

We give due honour and respect to our educators and especially for those whom Your are raising up to rid of the foolishness that is in our school system...

We thank You Father for raising up those YOU have chosen and with all due honour and respect to those You have raised up to support them and we thank You for this honour Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Father, we thank You for sending Your Angels forth in the power of Your might to defeat the enemy of our souls and to defeat the enemy