CourtRoom of Heaven Posted on 23 May 05:16 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

We come into Your presence with Thanksgiving in our hearts and

Into Your Courts with Praise

Thank You, Our Just Judge Creator of the Universe

We thank You, Lord Jesus, Our Advocate

We thank You, Holy Spirit our Counselor 

We thank The Great Cloud of Witnesses and the Heavenly Hosts, The Scribes

We thank You for opening our books this day and for Your good and just judgements

We thank YOU Lord Jesus for forgiveness of sin and cleansing us of all sin and unrighteousness

We ask forgiveness of eating from the tree of good and evil

We ask forgiveness for all the head knowledge and not tapping into YOUR heart

Your heart knowledge

We ask this day that we see as YOU see Father

WE thank YOU for those who testify on our behalves this day