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Heavenly Father,

We are so very thankful that we can enter YOUR Gates with Thanksgiving in my heart and into YOUR Courts with Praise...


We are so ever Thankful for Natasha Grbich from South Africa

Gustav LeReaux from South Africa

Robert Henderson from America

Mike Parsons from the UK

Who are teaching us in America Your Court system for which we are ever so thankful.

This day we bring in those Pastors and Leaders who are in need of Your repentance this day. We thank You for Your forgiveness afforded to us by Christ Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour, we thank You that You have cleansed us from all sin and unrighteousness and that You cleanse our bloodlines all the way back to Adam and we do not argue with the conviction of sin but we come into agreement and we ask forgiveness so we may be cleansed from all sin and unrighteousness and releasing all and nailing our sin to Your Cross Lord Jesus.

We lift up and as for repentance and forgiveness to our Pastors and Leaders who need Your cleansing Lord Jesus who need to really SEE YOU, and have relationship with You and to clearly see the reformation that needs to be taking place in our hearts, minds and see what YOU did Lord Jesus in walking among the people the people who need You.

We ask that YOUR Pastors and leaders line up with YOU and YOUR DOCTRINE with YOUR MINDSET this day and we thank You for sending forth YOUR HOLY Angels in The Power of YOUR might to defeat the enemy and take off the blinders...and DO AND BE WHAT YOU HAVE CALLED US TO BE A DO and we thank YOU this Day Heavenly Father for being our just Judge this day, and Your Lord Jesus for being our Advocate and YOU, Holy  Spirit


We ask Your forgiveness for those leaders and Pastors who have shown rudeness and disrespect and we ask for a new appreciation and a new respect for each other ....distain leave in Jesus Name not to return