Confirmation Hearings Posted on 14 Jan 05:33 , 0 comments

Been watching the Confirmation Hearings this week and Oh Lord have mercy on our souls. I truly believe it is the Intercessors and Company who truly run this Country. I am very thankful for the quality leadership we do have in the Senate and in the House of Representatives. There were many times I asked the Lord to raise up intelligent and informed voters. Some of the Senators and Congresspeople are leading there people into harms way. The Holy Spirit had me intercede for those who voted them in to make informed, intelligent decisions. I am a big proponent for term limits and those in Congress not to be able to be Lobbyests for five years. I am also very happy that painting the Police as pigs is being taken down. That building was not the appropriate place for that painting.

Father in Heaven,
Today is a day of break through and YOUR GREAT AND MIGHTY HAND TO SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT THIS DAY. We thank YOU, HOLY SPIRIT, and by YOUR BLOOD LORD JESUS AND YOUR NAME that we may go forth in the power of YOUR MIGHT THIS DAY and receive YOUR VICTORIES on earth as it is in heaven. Help us to receive this day YOUR goodness, YOUR grace and YOUR mercies that are new every morning. We ask this be a very productive day and we thank YOU this day for shutting the enemies mouth this day. We speak to verbal and emotional abuse this day for this to end in a great and mighty way. This day Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Father for this is a stench in YOUR nostrils. We thank YOU for hearing our Court Cases this day a for quick verdicts and for those overturned verdicts that have caused great harm to YOUR PEOPLE. We thank YOU this day that Your respect and honour is in abundance and that we can respectfully disagree with our proponents and with our opposition. Spirit of TRUTH we ask that YOU come upon us in a great and mighty way and show us where pride has come in and false humility this day and we thank YOU this day Lord Jesus Holy Spirit, Heavenly Father ...who is who was who is to come Heaven and Earth are filled with YOUR Glory and YOUR amazing love