The Blessing of Repentance/Developing Healthy Boundaries Posted on 29 Apr 10:55 , 0 comments

Working with a precious woman, who had some boundary issues giving her the revelation God has not called us to be doormats, not our jobs to make everyone else happy to the extent that we are exhausted, spirit, soul and body.

Prompted to start with Psalm 51:10 Create in me a clean heart O' God and renew a right spirit within us.

Asking her to listen in her spirit and whatever came up ask the Lord to cleanse her and to forgive her. The first was unhealthy boundaries and proceeded for there.

One thing she mentioned to me and said she did not do. I told her to ask God to forgiver her and the other person to cleanse herself of the offense and the person who caused it, to free her up.

She started justifying herself and arguing with me.

I said,"Ma'am it is Your choice whether you want to go through the process or not." Then gave her an example.

If you are sweeping your floors with a broom, sweeping out the dirt, and there is one piece of dirt, do you go and say that you are not sweeping it up because you did not put it there, or are you going to just sweep it up.

This is the same in receiving cleansing of our souls and spirit and allowing the Lord to bring in His healing and releasing to Him so He may bring in His healing, justice and good judgements and His blessings in our hearts, minds and lives.

 Then I asked her if someone came into your home with muddy shoes would you allow them to walk into your house. She said, "No." Then I asked her why she would allow those with "muddy shoes" in her emotional and spiritual house.  There are times we overlook things and there are times we need to deal with issues.