#‎Delivarance‬ From ‪#‎Emotional‬ ‪#‎Pain‬ Posted on 24 Apr 06:11 , 0 comments

#‎Delivarance‬ From ‪#‎Emotional‬ ‪#‎Pain‬
Father in Heaven, We thank You for this day and Lord this day we ask that You deliver us from emotional pain, we thank You for Your great love and kindness, we receive Your joy and peace and we thank You for delivering us from emotional pain and those triggers, Lord Jesus, You walked on water, we thank You that You walk on those emotional triggers this day so we no longer "feel" nor react negatively to the effects and we thank You for Your foolishness of joy and peace this day and we thank You, Lord, whomever is praying those soulish prayers we ask that they stop, we that You that we have authority given by You to dissolve those effects, and bring those who are doing this into Your fullness of joy and peace, and along with any and all negative words spoken to us, on us , by us and we thank You, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, Lord of Glory, Lord and giver of life that Your restore unto us the joy of our salvation and we long for You, Lord Jesus and we thank You Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world and we give you our sin, sickness, disease, broken relationships broken dreams whatever is broken and we thank You by Your grace and mercy Your restoration and blessing and we thank You this day Lord Jesus, Lord and giver of life and we thank You for shutting down the works of the enemy this day and help us take appropriate responsibility, we thank You for Your newness of life this day and thank You, for we are spirit soul and body and You care for every part of us ...we lift up all our broken relationships, and we thank You for Your fullness of joy this day in Jesus Name the Name that is above all names ...Lord whatever the issue is we thank You for a right mindset afforded by You, Lord Mother's Day is coming up and for many it is great joy and we rejoice with those who are celebrating, for those who are brokenhearted we ask for Your love and peace and a bring us Your fullness of joy and we thank You for raising up those on our behalf to enjoy life with and see good days and we are so thankful Lord ...Father, we lift up those with control issues we ask that You would open our "eyes" and set us free to release that. Thank You for loving us so much