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My Publisher called and suggested I started speaking in Public to groups etc...I did not like this idea at all..taking phone calls and praying, and praying one on one with folks is one thing but speaking in Public, totally out of my comfort zone.
I asked the Lord, "What would I say to people, what value could I add to people's lives talking to them, praying for someone is one thing, that, in my opinion adds value, but talking to a group...totally different dynamic of which is totally out of my comfort zone
The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, it was so simple...after that now I am asking the Lord for all kinds of speaking engagements ....Good stuff folks, God is good ....I have some speaking engagements lined up to introduce the book and to give what the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart so now we are going to see what the Lord is going to do with this here thing.
I am hopeful the book does well because I do believe it will help people but there is a project that needs to be funded...I have desire to build cottages for people in need, not just homeless but for folks who need breathing room, there will be gardens, especially vegetable, woodworking shop, etc...so this project would be self supporting and give people things to do and hopefully sell to support themselves and this cottage and for folks who have no family to help, enable folks to be employed, find jobs ...giving all this to the Lord and going one leap at a time...God's the Driver in this, if it comes through another person or organization we would be more than happy to help...thank you all for reading this post, God's blessings, Love and Appreciate you all ...A heartfelt thank you to all who give to Liz Beamer Ministries and for those who have obtained this book from me ....continued intercession going up on your behalf along with all those who support me and this ministry in thoughts, prayers, encouragement and with your financial gifts... God is amazing