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Thank You, Holy Spirit for this opportunity
Father in Heaven,
We lift up those people who are large and in charge
You know those people Father those who agree to something then they start causes issues by interfering with their own blessing because it will bless someone else
Lord we bring those people to You to Your throne of Grace and ask for Your mercy in time of need, Lord first of all if I have any of that in me, I repent and will cooperate with You, Holy Spirit, to rid myself of that. We ask that those people will surrender to YOU this day, cooperate with You and we thank You that even though we have an opportunity to be annoyed with them we can come to You and Your throne of Grace to have them cooperate with You and with what they have agreed to in a pleasant way. We bind up drama and trauma and sabotage those ugly spirits and release Your beauty and Your Holy Spirit of cooperation and we are thankful. We ask for Your blessing of deep repentance this day and for YOUR spirit of cooperation and we thank You, In Jesus Name the Name that is above all names and we would all cooperate with You Lord of Glory, Lord and Giver and Life for YOU ARE LARGE AND IN CHARGE