The #Miracle of Turning #Water into #Wine Posted on 19 Mar 06:46 , 0 comments

#‎John‬ 2
The ‪#‎Miracle‬ of turning ‪#‎water‬ into ‪#‎wine‬
There is so much to ‪#‎glean‬ and be ‪#‎learned‬ from this scripture
One aspect is it takes twelve years from growing grapes to turning those grapes into a fine wine
Jesus did in a moment what would have taken twelve years to do
How amazing is our God

Father in Heaven,
There are many who desire a miracle from You this day, we speak forth Your miracle of salvation, we believe You to bring forth healing this day in all areas of our hearts, minds and lives, for financial opportunities in jobs, business or what other opportunity You have for us. The miracle of enjoying life and seeing good days. The miracle of restoring healthy relationships. The miracle of wisdom and opening our eyes to see what You see. The miracle of healing the broken hearted. The healing of Alzhrimers, Dementia, Depression into joy, anger into calm delight, frustration into fruition.
The miracle of seeing Your Face
For You are good and gracious snd You delight in the prosperity of Your people
We are so thankful for Your written Word and for Writing Your laws on our hearts and turning our hearts into flesh. We thank You, Holy Spirit for spreading Your love on our hearts and minds along with healthy boundaries
Thank You for loving and caring for us do much
And for the lonely thsnk You for filling us up with Your Love, Grace and Mercy
You are so worthy to be praised and admired