I had the privilige of speaking to a husband who was having marital issues... Posted on 13 Dec 03:34 , 0 comments

At LizBeamerMinistries.com we take privacy very seriously, however I mention to my callers and visitors that I will share their story but not who they are...not using their names etc...

I mentioned to this husband to ask the Lord about his wife and who she is and to remember to date her and listen to her and remember that she has a strength that he does not for the Lord usually puts opposites together, different strengths and to appreciate those aspects, those God given gifts and usually women are more intuned to the Holy Spirit and with most men (no offense intended) but most men are about as dumb as rocks when it comes to women, HOWEVER THE GOOD NEWS ! GOD ALMIGHTY, THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, HE UNDERSTANDS WOMEN, and He understands your wife and ask HIM how to treat your wife and never assume ...this precious man received this and I am looking forward to the praise reports.

Love and appreciate you all,