I want to thank all those who financially and prayerfully support this minstry Posted on 13 Dec 03:02 , 0 comments

God is so good to us and this ministry is about the spiritual and practical aspects of this life and our lives in heaven...

I have purposed in my heart not to take a salary and have asked the Lord to help me support myself another way and for all the funds to go into the ministry for ministry expenses and to be able to accomplish all the Lord would have us do.  For information purposes only, since this ministry is 501(c)(3) non for profit status and these are tax deductible gifts...if I took a salary then the ministry would have to pay roughly, 8% in taxes and I would have to do the same... I went to the Lord about this and said people have worked hard for this money and have had Your insight to see that this is good soil and that You will bless back to them and us...however, Father God, You are going to have to support this girl because paying 16% in taxes off the top with already taxed money...so I have purposed in my heart not to take a salary because I appreciate the time and effort you all have spent to give to this ministry which is good soil..and I speak and pray blessings on you all OFTEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and Appreciate you all,