Giving and Receiving Posted on 4 Dec 06:39 , 0 comments

Most of us know the giving and receiving Scriptures...

Give and it shall be given unto you good measure, pressed down, running over and in Malachi the Scriptures concerning tithing and so many more scriptures.

At we do receive love offerings and donations and many times the Lord has had me mention to the person I was praying for to give what the Lord has put on your heart.

I have a prophetic gifting and I know what the Lord has told them to give, I appreciate those who do and ask God to bless them 10,000 fold according to Psalms.

However those who disobey God and do not cooperate with HIM, I do not get upset or have ill will toward them, I mention to the Lord...I will take there blessing.  If they do not want to give, I will and receive my blessing and theirs.

The other day I was at the accountant, who is of the household of faith, I am thankful that the Lord prompts me to give to "good soil" and I gave to him, because his ministry to those being delivered from addiction is good soil.  The Lord prompted me to give I did and am expecting a return, spirit, soul, body and in the practical aspects of life...on earth as it is in heaven. is 501 (c) (3) and is a non-for-profit and a tax deductable gift which is another blessing

Love and Appreciate You All,