Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow...are we in the middle of a trial or in the middle of a miracle Posted on 3 Dec 04:32 , 0 comments

It is all in the perspective we have an earthly perspective is we are in the middle of a trial, the heavenly perspective is we are in the middle of a miracle.

The woman with the issue of blood was on her way to a miracle for twelve years and then she touched Jesus hem and was healed

Joseph was in prison for 17 years and the next day he was second in command to Pharoah

There are many instances of "going through" to the miracle.

When the book came out I asked the Lord what the trial would be and it was a doozy...we all know the routine the Lord speaks to our hearts and asks us to do something, the enemy attacks, we quote His precious Word, have intercessors pray, then the break through.

I have been asking the Lord for the "red carpet" treatment where we can forgo the trial.  God is so good.

But praise God at this time I am so thankful for internet (the guy came yesterday). I am thankful for all the Lord has provided in His abundance.  It is a step by step process. Walking with God not behind, not running ahead but with Him. Speaking and writing His precious Word.  Praising Him all the day long and thanking Him for HIs goodness and like King Hezekiah asking the Lord what to do and thanking Him for giving and answering the prayer of "Lord bring me quality people with the right answer. For we have a Heavenly Father who blesses us with practical answers.

Love and Appreciate You All,


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