Going through Transition aka "SHAKING IN OUR BOOTS" Posted on 2 Nov 05:48 , 0 comments

Had the best call this morn from a wonderful person about going to the next level of her walk with the Lord, keeping and maintaining our identity that we are dearly loved by God, that we are blood bought children of God.

The Lord is so good about analogies....

Going to the next level in our calling and/or walk with the Lord is like the first day of High School or the first day on a new job...

Where is my locker, what is the combination, where is the cafeteria, where is the pens, staples, copy machine

As with Peter, Lord I am getting out of the boat is that You...actually Peter said, Lord if it is You, bid me come

Going through transition to the next level we might be a little shaky, however, keeping our focus on the Lord and for some, hoping and believing it is the Lord .....

Lord of Glory,

We thank You for "holding our hands" when we are stepping into a new level.  Thank You for Your patience and kindness this day and we are so grateful that we can come to You, especially when we are "shaking in our boots" asking is that You, Lord .....and for those whom, You have raised up to help us get to that next level... In Jesus Name the Name that is above all names...thank You, Holy Spirit

Love and appreciate you all,