The lies of the enemy Posted on 2 Nov 04:46 , 0 comments

Sometimes we hear things that sound so spiritual and is a half truth or sounds so spiritual and they are a lie from the enemy.God

We always need to be open to God's voice and His Word, His Will, and His Ways for our hearts, minds and lives

Saturday I received a phone call that I am still taking to the Lord ...I felt so bad because I "ripped the band aid off" so to speak.

Been going to the Lord and asking if I ministered badly or if I was suppose to do that.

Continue to pray for His healing in this person.  This person would not let go of the lies of the enemy and kept saying the problem over and over and refused to take the practical application and steps necessary.

My prayer for this person is to let go of the negative, and go to the Doctor for the information they needed to aid in physical healing.  The analogy the Lord gave me is that we take our vehicles to mechanics or someone who knows more that we do about vehicles.  Why would we not seek medical advice also and YES the Lord heals but sometimes we need so take steps and get the correct information.  I can pray all day for something to eat or go to the fridge and make myself something to eat and thank God for providing.

There is the spiritual and practical

Love and Appreciate you all,