Lot of Transition going on Posted on 21 Oct 10:31 , 0 comments

I have been receiving many calls about transition.  Transition is when the Holy Spirit is leading us to do something and we are stepping out in faith, asking, seeking, finding.

One thing I have been saying several times is when the brook dries up it is time to go.

As in seeking a new job in a different location.

Father in Heaven,

We thank You for Your presence, Your power and Your peace, and especially the calm during times of transition in Jesus Name the Name that is above all Names

As we spend time in Your Word and seeking, Your Face, Your will and Your way we thank You for helping us release our stuff, our excuses, our houses, unhealthy relationships, whatever we are choosing to hold us back from You and Your will and we thank You for being so kind and loving but there is a time when we need to line up with Your will, Your way, and what You want us to do to put us in our next place of blessing, spiritually, physically, mentally, in our careers, in our relationships, etc... and we thank You that You are King of kings and Lord of lords and we thank You for showing us what we are suppose to do.  In Jesus Name the Name that is above all names