Received a call from one of my Spiriutal Babies today Posted on 14 Oct 16:09 , 0 comments

Oh and she is so precious.  She is in her late twenties and has such a gentle heart, so precious.  She has been desiring a husband and have been praying for the right man to come into her heart, mind and life and appreciate her gentle heart.  Care for her and nurture her, love and appreciate her.  There is a man who has been talking to her and taking her to run her errands and I told her to put him in friend category because he is waiting on God for a wife.  I said, "No, he is afraid of commitment and using God as an excuse." 

Perfect marriages are not perfect we have people who are perfect for each other and still need God and there are some occasional "fighting" and annoyances.  I do believe there is an anointing in marriages to be able to rejoice for each other and to put up with each others shortcomings.  It is giving and receiving in an equitable ways.  If one person is giving more than the other person then it will be a difficult relationship.

I told her relationships and marriages is to be enjoyed and doing things together that they both like to do and  doing what each other likes too be with that person, also doing things apart. 

She has such a sweet spirit and gentle heart I pray often for a man who will love and appreciate her and protect her heart.  If he makes her cry her Spiritual Mama will come down and stomp on him.  She laughed so hard when I said that.  In all seriousness, we are to enjoy each others company and told her to relax and hopefully she will meet the right man for her SOON!!!  She has such an gentle spirit....

Love and Appreciate you all,