Houtston and New York Posted on 6 Oct 03:29 , 0 comments

The Lord has me in deep intercession for Houston to raise up His men and women of God to take back their city and thanking God for those faithful men and women of God in New York who have faithfully and skillfully interceded on their cities behalf...

Father in Heaven,

Thank You for blessing Your intercessors and for those who are being and doing Your work to take back these cities and bring them back to Your foundation of faith and blessing and turning these cities back to You and we thank You Lord of Glory for Your blessing and for Your light shining.  We thank You for sending Your Holy Angles forth in the power of Your might to minister and do battle in the heavens and for Your manifested blessings and for people to turn to You and we thank You Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Father for Your goodness and mercy and Your great out pouring on these cities this day by faith believing.  Strengthen Your people this day to grow and continue.