Praise God it is Saturday! Marriages and those desiring a spouse Posted on 3 Oct 05:54 , 0 comments

I was having a conversation with a Dear Lady and she was feeling kinda bad that she has been so busy and overwhelmed lately that she was not being to nice to her husband.  What came up out of my spirit and communicated with her was that relationships are anointed to be able to deal with our spouses faults, and men are uncomplicated, and to tell him what you told me except give him a big kiss and a hug and tell him it will get better and you appreciate him then watch for that big grin he will get :):):):):)

Many relationships are ordained by God and they should be a holy ease.

For those dating, asking the Lord for a spouse, please be relaxed and enjoy time with people...go to a baseball game, festival, etc... don't worry so much where the relationship is going and if there is not a Holy Ease in it then we can always be friends.  In the Song of Songs there is a passage where the Shulamite Woman referred to her fiance' as her friend. 

Thank You Lord for releasing spouses and helping each other find each other and a Holy Ease with those relationships and for a newness and freshness with marriages and we thank You in Jesus Name the Name that is above all Names