Good Wednesday Morn ! Praise God this is what came up out of my spirit "God is healing Marriages" Posted on 30 Sep 10:15 , 0 comments

This morn I was talking with my personal intercessor, this Blessed and Holy Woman of God, whom I appreciate so much.  We were talking about a sermon I heard through Joseph Prince.  He was at a meeting and one the the gifts the Lord has given him is to "see" the Holy Spirit move.  Joseph Prince was relating that at this one meeting the Spirit was moving and Joseph Prince stopped the service and said that there was someone who needed to be healed of Respiratory issues and to come up for their healing.  Joseph Prince called out three times and no one came up.  He found out later that this woman's friend kept encouraging her to go up and she would not go and died that night from respiratory issues.  As my intercessor and I were talking about this this WORD that the Lord was healing marriages came up.  Praise You Jesus thank You Holy Spirit, Glory and Honour to You Heavenly Father.  Lord for those who need to claim this and rejoice and wait on You for the manifestation we praise You and thank You for bringing both spouses to full and complete repentance and the joy of a healthy and honouring marriage according to Ephesians 5:21 that we would submit to each other out of reverence to Christ.

In that be kind and considerate to each other and enjoy each others company, love and respect each other

Praise You Jesus and we thank You Lord that even though You give us free will, that the blinders will come off and a deep love and respect for each other will arise in Jesus Name the Name that is above all names