Going with God's flow Posted on 8 Sep 06:57 , 0 comments

There are some things I have been asking the Lord about and He redirects me to other projects.  I am so joyful that I realize that as He has me doing something else that He is working on my behalf in those other areas that I have been asking Him about.  I am so enjoying His peace and joy and His love, grace and mercy.

There is someone the Lord has put on my heart to pray for to keep them redirected, to keep them in His peace for the Lord has great plans for this person and is doing a great and mighty work in them and it is a privilege for me as I am moved by the Holy Spirit to pray for someone according to God's leading and it takes a lot of "ridding" of myself to do this to stay out of soulish prayers.  Praying as the Holy Spirit leads.  Soulish prayers comes from not waiting on God on how to pray for a situation or a person.

Father in Heaven,

We are so thankful for Your gift of The Holy Spirit that leads us into all wisdom and discernment and we are thankful for those who are filled with You, Holy Spirit to enable us to continually move forward in You and through You and for Your manifested blessings and we thank You Lord Jesus, Lord of Glory, Heavenly Father, Holy Spirit.  Thank You for loving us so much and thank You for Your resurrection power Heavenly Father that raised Christ Jesus from the dead and for Your obedience Jesus we worship and praise You this day for Who You are You are the Great I Am