Yesterday this ministry received a call from a person in dire straights... Posted on 2 Sep 06:08 , 0 comments


We lift up this dear person of God (this ministry is very careful about people's identities),

Lord we are thanking You in advance for providing for us in abundance and You know this person who called yesterday is in dire straights and needs healing in their body, and in their finances, and Father we ask that You would make a way where there is no way a river in the desert for this person and all others who are in need and we thank You that You are the WAYMAKER thank YOU Lord Jesus

Special Note: This is why we ask for donations to be able to help people like this who need a hand up and all donations, love gifts are tax deductable, this ministry wants to do more than pray for folks which we love to do and it is privilege but there are some who are in dire need and this ministry would like to be able to help them

Thank you for your consideration and Father we ask for special blessings to those who are reading this and who speak and say blessings on this ministry and for those who have financially given we praise YOU and thank YOU for YOUR mighty move in our hearts, minds and lives and we praise You and thank You