Intercession for those who have blood disease Posted on 29 Aug 09:31 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

We thank You that You are the God who heals us and we lift up those with blood disease and we thank YOU in advance for cleansing our blood by the Blood of Christ Jesus Our Lord.  We thank YOU for Your Word and that by Jesus Stripes we are healed and made whole and Lord we thank You for the cleansing power of YOUR love and by Christ's blood that HIS DNA is flowing through our veins to cleanse our souls and our bodies of anything that is not of You and we thank YOU Lord of Glory for YOUR precious promises, and as much as we appreciate the medical community, for they are an arm of You, we are asking for YOUR supernatural healing this day Spirit, soul and body and in our "fields" in all areas of our hearts, minds and lives.  Father in YOUR Word YOU said that it is our faith in YOU that pleases YOU and that YOU Jesus were moved with compassion and this day we ask for cleansing of blood disease and we thank YOU that YOUR glory will be upon us and in Us and we will give YOU all the Praise, Honour and Glory in Jesus Name the Name that is above all Names

Praise YOU Jesus