The little foxes that spoil Posted on 24 Aug 05:11 , 0 comments

 Song of Solomon 2:15

Catch us the foxes,
The little foxes that spoil the vines,
For our vines have tender grapes.

This is the verse that when it is the little things that are not going right and this is when our hope and faith and trust in God is tried.  This is when I ask the Lord for a spirit of praise and worship.  This is when we need to push through and ask God for the strength to carry on in Jesus Name. 

I so appreciate those times when things go well and that is the time when I thank Him the most...use to call it "watching the grass grow" when life was just pleasant, however going to the next level in anything is worth the faith and trust and worship and asking the Lord for the right people who have the right answers

For we are His hands, We are His feet...

Continued prayers for all who have contacted this ministry, I lift you up to the Lord often and I am expecting good news.  Praying for a special person to receive the job of her dreams and so hoping  all goes well and expecting good news in Jesus Name the Name that is above all Names for the Lord has come through for me and so many others I have had the privilege to pray for and we serve and Awesome God, and He is mighty to save and so worthy to be praised.

Hallelujah thank You Jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!