What is our "New Normal" Posted on 15 Aug 04:54 , 0 comments

For some our "New Normal" is the Lord waking us up in the middle of the night and spending time with HIM and interceding for ourselves and others.  Breaking off old mindsets especially that "religious spirit" that some Pharisees and Saducees had.  They knew the letter of the law but their hearts were not right and would not help anyone.  The Lord has waking me up in the middle of the night and texting folks, going through my notebook of and interceding for those who have contacted this ministry, and for family and loved ones.  So this is my personal new normal and I love my naptimes, that is my personal time with the Lord where I receive His love, tell Him how much I love Him and rest for a bit, that is my favorite time of the day is my naptime.  God's love is amazing.

For some the "New Normal" is spiritual warfare and we have been interceding for Quick Victories and I appreciate those who get up and go to work at a regular job and have been asking the Lord for special blessings for those who do that for the ministry in the work place is an important one, in producing goods and services for the rest of us and the Lord is well pleased with those who do this and I have a special appreciation for those who work to keep our electricity going, keeps our vehicles running, grow our food, process our food, keep our computers running and in good working order, those who pick up our trash, whatever job we have we need to appreciate each other for it all Glorifies God the good work that He has called us to do.  We all minister to each other and "SEEST THOU A MAN DILIGENT IN HIS BUSINESS, HE WILL SERVE BEFORE KINGS AND PRIESTS AND NOT BEFORE MEAN MEN" this is the King James Version in the Ampliphied Bible it states it differently but the basic jest is that we continue in our God given gift and talent, and hone our skills, and promotion comes, whether we are called into full time ministry or in a secular job and usually both.  PRAISE YOU JESUS

Father, those who are going through a battle today we ask for today to be a great day of victory and we call forth YOUR power and might and skillful  intercession and we thank YOU in Jesus Name the Name that is above all Names.  For those whom YOU want to bless but refuse to step out and put in job applications, or get the information to make an informed decision, Father we ask that YOU would do what needs to be done to get "it" done and we thank YOU, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit.  As a loving Father, YOU want to bless us but YOU also discipline us and we thank YOU for the blessing of discipline and we thank YOU for spoiling us and giving us more than we deserve, for what we ask or think and we praise YOU for YOU are so worthy to be praised.  You all have a wonderful day  Praising God through the triumph and the pain.  For He is so worthy to be praised !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1