I was talking to a very dear friend of mine who desires to be married... Posted on 14 Aug 01:03 , 0 comments

and have been believing the Lord for a good mate for those who desire to be married to someone who would be a good match.  Usually the Lord puts opposites together, which makes a lot of sense in that they each have different strengths which should be appreciated, and of course one goal to serve the Lord in whatever capacity they have been chosen for in the natural and in the spiritual.  Who also have major common ground also.  Usually for women I pray for a nice guy who  loves God that they can enjoy life together, and have someone to lean on when tough time comes and someone to have the same goals, to love, respect and appreciate each other, just enough quirkiness to make life interesting.

My friend, I was praying on day for her husband to come forth and was this came up in my spirit, "ask her why she wants to be married", and does she really want to be married.  So I did and this great woman of God, was somewhat taken aback when I asked her. 


I ask a release for husbands to wives and wives to husbands this day in Jesus Name, and I am thankful that in Isaiah it states the Lord is our Husband and thank You for loving us so much, especially for those You have put on my heart this morn.  We praise You and thank You that we are fearfullly and wonderfully made.  We thank You Lord Jesus the Name that is above all Names