Sunday I was in a discussion about why people do not go to church Posted on 5 Aug 06:59 , 0 comments

They mentioned that people are afraid of being convicted and I said it is because the HOLY SPIRIT is not allowed to move.  We sing praises, the Pastor speaks, we pray, and we give out of our substance, but where is the HOLY SPIRIT...I thank God for those churches where the HOLY SPIRIT has free reign !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I asked the Lord where in scripture the way a church service is conducted, unable to find it.  If the Lord gave me a church I would do a whole lot of not talking and give the HOLY SPIRIT FREE REIGN

God bless us all

There is a reformation happening in a lot of churches and revival is going on in California, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico and is in the process of sweeping the United States PRAISE YOU JESUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!