Good Saturday Morning Praise God Posted on 1 Aug 06:50 , 0 comments

The last few days I have had a case of the "crankies".  Did not "feel" like praying, did not "feel" like reading my Bible did not "feel" like doing nothing just cranky.  So glad that according to Scripture that I have hidden His Word in my heart and we walk by faith not by sight.  Praising Gid For You Holy Spirit, went to the Lord and confessed my sin, in this case of being cranky, and He is faithful and just to forgive my si and unrighteousness, Praise You Jesus.  I ask God if there was any wicked way in me to cleanse me.   Praise God He is faithful and just for there is a praise in my heart and a song coming forth and I am strengthened in Him again.  The Holy Spirit reminded me that right before the Lord blessed me I get cranky.  I am so glad that their is a joy in my heart and I can "feel" His presence, His Power, and His Peace.  His true peace not this false or unbalanced peace that is being taught, but His True Peace 

Praise You Jesus You are faithful and just