Set the Captive Free: Overindulgence Posted on 28 Jul 08:51 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

We ask YOUR forgiveness for overeating an overindulging especially with food and drink.  We thank YOU that if we confess our sing YOU are faithful and just to forgive us from all sin and unrighteousness (I John 1:9) 

Father we are to do everything in moderation and somethings we need to stay away from.  We ask that we no longer overindulge in food when we are lonely or upset, to fill the void in our hearts, minds and lives, we ask that YOU help us do something constructive and fill us with YOUR love and peace and YOUR calm this day.

Help us to say no to sin and unrighteousness in over eating.  Help us to eat and drink appropriately and to say NO MORE when we have had enough nourishment for our bodies to be healthy.  Help us chose appropriate food choices and we thank YOU in Jesus Name the Name that is above all names.  Father we are to eat to stay healthy and we ask that we weigh what YOU want us to weigh and to eat the way YOU would want us to eat and we thank YOU for the Fruit of the Spirit Self Control that YOU, Holy Spirit works in us and through us in Jesus Name the Name that is above all Names