Psalm 42:11 By this I know that YOU favor and delight in me, because my enemy does not triumph over me. Posted on 27 Jul 06:57 , 0 comments

Praise God there is so many spiritual and natural applications to this.  Praise God after rereading I and II Samuel and I and II Kings.  David would inquire of the Lord as to battle plans...David would ask the Lord if an enemy would overtake them and in one case the Lord said yes, so David went somewhere else to regroup.  Many times the Lord would say that David would conquer, remember the Lord has HIS plan that we are all a part of, and if things are not going right the war is not over, as in as we do spiritual warfare.  It took David many years to be a mighty General, it took David a lot of training before the Lord had him on the battlefield with Goliath, how many hours did he practice with his sling, he took down a bear and he took down a lion that was attacking him and his flock.  For those believing for marriages, relationships, businesses, whatever you are believing for keep inquiring and asking the Lord, read and listen to HIS word and be led by the HOLY SPIRIT.  On earth as it is in heaven, God is a spiritual and practical God, keep believing for those miracles, and for victory, in and through Christ Jesus, Our Lord who lives and reigns in us and through us.