Had the Best Discussion Yesterday about Genesis Chapter 1 Posted on 27 Jul 06:42 , 0 comments

We were in awe about the Majesty of God Almighty Creator of the Universe and how by HIS WORD everything came into being, and how by our words and actions we can do the same in HIM according to HIS written Word and the HOLY SPIRIT, Who leads and guides us into HIS TRUTH, and for Jesus Christ our Lord who cleansed us from all sin and unrighteousness, all we need to do is receive and believe.  That is something to shout about right there. PRAISE GOD!!! HALLELUJAH

We spoke about Adam and Eve and how God created them and what ifing about the tree of good and evil.

What if Eve told the serpent that she would ask God about the fruit when God walked with them in the cool of the evening, for she was attracted to the good, and the serpent had her questioning what God said.

What if Eve would have said what God had said, "No, do not eat of this tree."

What if after Adam and Eve ate of the tree, Adam manned up and told God they ate of it and he was sorry, what if Eve would have womaned up and asked God to forgive her. 

In all with the what iffing we are so thankful that God already had a plan of Christ Jesus our Lord who came and rose again after three days by the Power of God the Father

Now folks that is shouting ground....Praise YOU Jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!