Praise God I absolutely love what I do !!!! Posted on 25 Jul 06:43 , 0 comments

Love those prayer calls where folks get set free and released into the blessings of God.

One of my gifts and talents is to help folks identify their God given gifts and talents, whether it is a person's ministry is in the job they are already doing, or helping them see what God has called them to do.  Many do not realize that their "pulpit" is on their job and they are already doing and being what God has called them to be and do and some when they discover what God has called them to be and do and the practical steps, practical application of getting their.  To be a David and not a Saul.  Read I and II Kings. 

God is moving people into their place of blessing and please be sensitive to the HOLY SPIRIT for God is moving people out of harms way for those who say yes to God.  There are some great things going on in our country, HE IS RAISING UP HIS PEOPLE, and there is a reformation going on in many churches, and revival is breaking out in many areas, and there are some areas where spiritual warfare going on.  If the Holy Spirit has told you to move, then MOVE in Jesus Name, if YOU do not know where ask the Lord ask the Lord to lead and guide you and many the Lord has . already spoken to hearts and minds, we already know.  Please go if God has told you to  go in Jesus Name.


We are so thankful for YOUR WRITTEN WORD, that we can read and listen to on our phones and IPads, and for the gift of YOU, HOLY SPIRIT, that speaks to our hearts and minds in Jesus Name the Name that is above all Names