Healing in relationships, marriages, and families Posted on 24 Jul 07:24 , 0 comments

Father in Heaven,

We are so thankful for YOUR written Word and for YOU, HOLY SPIRIT, that teaches us speaks to us so we can share YOUR revelation knowledge with others.

We ask that YOU help us to respect the calling and the anointing for each other that YOU have placed on us, in us and we thank YOU for a new respect for each other In Jesus Name.  The Name that is above all Names.  Help us to respectfully agree to disagree and stop the spiritual snobbery in Jesus Name and a new appreciation for the front line warriors and peacekeepers.  Bring us back to the rich heritage, bring us back to rememberance of who we are and WHOSE we are in Jesus Name the Name that is above all Names.


There are many husbands and wives that have Godly expectations and ungodly expectations on each other and our children help us to see the anointing and calling for each other and a new respect for each other and help us to cast down our expectations and help us to put YOUR expectations on each other with YOUR help HOLY SPIRIT, open our eyes and set the captive free this day in Jesus Name and help each other to fulfill and rejoice in the calling.  Husbands are to support their families, and many wives do not realize that this is a noble calling so the wives can pray and seek YOUR face for our neighborhoods, our cities, our States and our country, to free up their time, and we ask for a new appreciation for those husbands who get up and go to work everyday to support their families, so the wives can devote more time to prayer and ministering in their neighborhoods.  Father, YOU have called children to minister to YOU and are saying yes to YOU and help parents see that today, and allow YOU HOLY SPIRIT, to minister to them and grow in YOU Lord of glory.  Jesus YOU came to work on us inside out not outside in and we thank YOU, HOLY SPIRIT, for ministering to us, instructing us, and correcting us in Jesus Name the Name that is above all Names.  Father we ask that YOU would set the captives free and help us understand that we are not the HOLY SPIRIT.  To listen to each other in YOU for YOU and by YOU, help us to stop the foolishness and allow YOU, HOLY SPIRIT to have free reign in us and we thank YOU this day.