Marriages... Set the Captives Free Posted on 18 Jul 06:03 , 0 comments

Father this day we ask that YOU would make marriages the way YOU want them with honour and respect in Jesus Name and ministries.  There is so much hinderance because of not rightly dividing the Word of God

Ephesians 5:21

Galatians 3:28

Father YOU wanted us all to wait until after marriage to engage in sex because YOU wanted children to be raised up in a stable home, with a mother and Father and in the marriage bed is respect.  Fornication is a sin and why do YOU, Almighty God hate sin because it hurts us. 

We ask for a new level of cooperation with YOU and wake folks up.  Sex is something to be enjoyed in a committed, loving, and respectful relationship, because YOU wanted children to be raised in a loving and stable home.  Thank YOU Lord Jesus.