Believing the Lord for miracles Posted on 11 Jul 12:30 , 0 comments

Father we are seeking YOUR Face for healing in our relationship with YOU.  That we hear from YOU clearly this day and everyday that we would spend time listening to YOU.  Being quiet in our minds and our spirits and reading YOUR written word by quality publishers that have the full Bible and not those who are taking our scripture.  We are so thankful that we can download YOUR Written Word on our phone and listen to it while we are doing.

We ask for healing in relationships that as we grow and change in YOU as we should that our spouses also grow and change in YOU in Jesus Name and for mutually satisfying relationships with each other and love and accept each other the way we are as YOU change us.  Father BEFORE people marry we ask that they make sure there is a mutual love and respect for each other.  For those who have made huge mistakes and have married someone with severe control issues, will not listen to the other person and continually resist good changes we ask that YOU HOLY Fire come down and burn it up in Jesus Name those things that are not of YOU and Father we ask that we all hear clearly from YOU for YOU hate divorce however in Scripture YOU do mention that if we must we can separate continually praying for YOUR reconciliation with respect and love.  For YOU are the God of miracles however YOU give us free will and YOU can open eyes and set the captives free and destroy ungodly mindsets and my personal favorite DAMASCUS ROAD like Paul for many of YOUR people are being persecuted in their marriages.

Miracle finances, for businesses to grow and prosper in a great and mighty way and as Sam Walton as our example, YOU granted him a very successful business with one idea that YOU gave him the strength and energy to implement and yet he was free from materialism.  He created many jobs and the time for those who needed one and for those to go further in their careers in other fields.  For those YOU have called into full time ministry and those YOU have called to business, elected offices, and all other areas God has called us to we ask that YOU would supernaturally provide those funds just like the woman that the Prophet spoke to and he told her to give to him first and then borrow jars and YOU supernaturally filled with oil to pay off her debt and to sustain her during the drought IN Jesus Name.