What a difference a day makes Posted on 10 Jul 08:28 , 0 comments

I remember when the Berlin wall came down

We all have read and some where alive when Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allies

We have read when Joseph came out of prison and was second to Pharoah

We have read where the children of Israel came out of  bondage

When Jesus rose from the dead and brought back the keys of the kingdom, ripped the curtain in the temple as He died on the cross and Jesus is the only risen Saviour.  Father we ask that YOU would open eyes and set the captives free in Jesus Name the Name that is above all Names.

Oh what a difference a day makes where God delivers us  out of our bondage and our "prisons"

Oh what a difference a day makes and for some we keep praying, being, doing what the Lord has asked us to do and for some our day is here and for others the manifestation is coming in Jesus Name and for HIS Wisdom and discernment in Jesus Name...Oh what a difference a day makes.