Thank YOU Father for releasing us to be WHOM YOU HAVE CALLED US TO BE Posted on 4 Jul 07:22 , 0 comments

We are so thankful Father,

That YOU are raising us up to be WHOM YOU have called us to be In Jesus Name.  We are not defeated, but we are taking our Nation back in Jesus Name, be gone lawlessness in Jesus Name.  Father we are thankful for YOUR HOLY BOLDNESS THIS DAY that YOU are raising up Your people and we are thankful for YOUR  leaders in all areas of society, in all areas in the church, in government, education, the arts, media, we are taking back the land that YOU have given us. In Jesus Name.

Thank YOU for bringing this Nation to repentance and giving us back a sound mind in Jesus Name.  For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love power and a sound mind.  We ask that YOU make our time useful Pray, Praise and give thanks in Jesus Name and Lord when YOU walked this earth YOU were accused of being a partier and a wine bibber.  Father in Jesus Name we ask that YOU would get this party started raising up and maintaining and taking new ground in Jesus Name.  We are thankful for those who are maintaining in Jesus Name.