In the Midst of all these things we are more than Conquors Posted on 4 Jul 07:07 , 0 comments

It looked like  Adolf Hitler was going to rule the world

I remember in the Eighties when the Wall of Communism came down, it looked like Communism was going to win

All through out History it looked like the ungodly were going to win and God raised up HIS PEOPLE

In our Bibles there were so many instances where it looked like the opposing Army was going to win the opposing ruler and  in the book of Ezra and Nehemiah and Daniel the Lord changed things around in Jesus Name.  Many times with prayer and military force.

The Lord gave me a new prayer directive like many others LORD WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THIS SITUATION, LORD HOW ARE YOU GOING TO TURN IT AROUND AND WHAT DO YOU WANT US TO DO.   Faith without works are dead.  Every Miracle there was a faith action and a reaction and Yes remember Nineveh.  Yes God can change everything around in a day and He is going to do that but we need to be doing what the Lord has called us to do for we are HIS HANDS AND WE ARE HIS FEET.  IN JESUS NAME